A bit about me and the blog.

Where to start. Where.To.Start.

My Mum is probably the main reason why I have started this blog. She was the main story teller in the household and still is. When she worked at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, she always used to come home with a different story. From the twins that were killed in a house fire, a roaming monk and Howard; The former bar manager of the cinema where the Marlow now stands, a man that took his own life when he caught his best friend in bed with his wife.

It was Howard that I heard the most about. He was mischievous, to say the least. Locking people in rooms, playing tricks on cast members and even taking part in plays. When I had to go to work with my Mum I never saw him or any other ghost, however, I always felt like I was being watched, even more so when I was on my own. The staff room was the creepiest.

I could hear everything from that room, from the music from the stage to the footsteps of the workers. I always felt uneasy when I had to sit in there on my own, whether it was due to the banging of the pipes or it might have been that I was never truly alone.

When I go searching for ghosts for this blog, I plan on being truly honest.

I will go looking not just at night, but also during the day. If there is anything to find, then I should be able to find them, no matter where the sun is in the sky.

I shall be looking for anything paranormal on my journey. If it’s out there I will find it.

I hope you can join me on my adventure.

The Ghost Hunter.