Welcome to my bestiary, your guide to the world of spirits, monsters and demons. In this part of the blog, together we’ll explore behind the myths and the stories that have haunted our dreams and fuelled the imaginations of writers for many years, and even more years to come.

I will venture past the Cornish border and will travel to distant lands.

It is important for us to learn where these stories come from. The more knowledge we have of these paranormal entities that lurk in the shadows the better. The more we understand the easier it will be to not only track them but also to help prove or disprove sightings.

The supernatural is nothing new to us. Ever since man could talk there has always been stories of large beasts, demonic children and haunting screams.

The research that I do here will not go to waste. Everything I learn will be taken forward and used on my ghost walks to help explain the unexplainable, or to add another layer of interest.

To start this section of my blog I will start the story of one of my personal favourites. A creature that has been with me right the way through my childhood, something that has captured my imagination for so many years.


I don’t know why but Werewolves and the thought of them has always been a strange sort of comfort to me, and to this day I still don’t know why. I hope you can join me on this slightly different part of my adventure into the supernatural realm.

The Ghost Whisperer.


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