Pendennis Castle

Pendennis is a good place to start, can’t really go wrong with a castle built in the 1500’s.

According to English Heritage, the castle was built between 1539-45 under the reign of Henry VIII. At that time its purpose was of an artillery fort, constructed to keep those pesky Europeans from invading our shores.

Over 1000 men were once stationed at the castle during the first civil war, The Royalist garrisons held out the 3-month surge until they run out of food and had to surrender to the parliamentary army.


Has a soldier been cursed to travel the cold dark corridors for the rest of time? Maybe. Will I be able to hear the screams of the kitchen maid as she falls to her death? More than likely it’s the pipes rattling.

At first sight, the castle looked perfectly normal. I paid for my ticket ( that is a very reasonable price, £7) and entered the first world war exhibition.

It was like hitting a brick wall.

I automatically felt something. Along a wall near the end of the building sat 3 beds and it was there that the feeling was the strongest, at that feeling stayed with me throughout the grounds.



The greenery leading up to Henry VIII’s fort was dotted with heavy artillery and cannons that stand alongside a number of tunnels and shelters.

By far the tunnels are the spookiest part the site, they felt never ending but you never felt threatened or unwelcome, just watched.

The only time that I did truly feel, well, uneasy almost scared was in the fort. The rooms were large and pretty empty containing a couple of benches and gunpowder barrels. The one thing that stood out was the constantly changing temperature.

The winding staircase that leads up to the main attraction of the fort was narrow. I have small feet and I struggled. I did, however, have the feeling of dread walking up those stairs. It truly felt like I wasn’t meant to be there. It felt like someone was holding me back. I didn’t really want to make the trip up there but I did. Upon leaving the ruin it felt like I could once again breathe.

Even though I didn’t see anything on the grounds, I always had a feeling of uneasiness. I took some pictures in the hope that I would catch something but to my disapproval nothing came up. However, I think I did hear some footprints walking along one of the tunnels and in one of the small rooms a ticking but with not a clock in sight.


5/10 on my creepy scale.

I have yet to see the sea monster.



2 thoughts on “Falmouth

  1. I once went here on a school trip and they switched the lights out on us, which was pretty scary! Interested to see any future blogs 🙂


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